Ascona Group Welcomes New Measures to Protect Retail Workers

April 22, 2024
David Lamb

Ascona Group, a key player in the retail industry, is celebrating the government’s recent announcement to make assaulting retail workers a standalone criminal offence. This landmark decision comes after persistent advocacy from retail bodies and unions demanding more robust protection for retail employees facing increasing levels of crime.

 Darren Briggs, CEO of Ascona Group, expressed his approval of the government's commitment, stating, “This is a significant step forward in protecting our frontline workers who have faced unprecedented challenges. The new legislation not only acknowledges the seriousness of the threats they encounter daily but also reassures them that their safety is a priority. We are immensely grateful to see our long-standing call for action come to fruition.”

 The initiative, unveiled by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, introduces harsher penalties for serial or abusive shoplifters, including prison terms, unlimited fines, and potential bans from re-entering the premises where they committed their crimes. Furthermore, the amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill will require offenders guilty of repeated assaults on staff or serial shoplifting to wear electronic tags.

 These measures are part of a broader government strategy to reinforce community safety and reduce retail crime, which includes a £55.5m investment in facial recognition technology to deter shoplifting.

 Ascona Group is committed to collaborating with the government and police forces to implement these changes, ensuring that our stores remain safe environments for both our employees and customers. We believe that these enhanced protections will significantly reduce the incidents of retail crime and create a more secure retail environment across the UK.

 As we move forward, Ascona Group remains dedicated to supporting our staff and contributing to safer community spaces, ensuring that our stores can continue to serve their local communities without the shadow of crime or abuse.

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