£3 Million investment into new HQ for Ascona Group

December 1, 2021
David Lamb

Ascona Group of are pleased to announce the planning approval for a £3 million head office complex at Llanion, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire.

The new build is to commence construction in March 2022 - with the view of completion by Christmas 2022.

The new complex will feature ample parking, solar panels and bright airy spaces as well as a plethora of energy saving systems incorporated into the design.

The offices includes accommodation for fifty staff, meeting suites and staff welfare facilities including a private gym. A clear design strategy has been implemented, ensuring that all employees benefit from natural light at their workspace and can take advantage of the views from the surrounding area.

We'd like to Thank C+A Design Ltd who have secured planning permission under delegated powers.


Ascona Group's new headquarters building, Ascona House, is being designed to operate as a net-zero carbon building. The building will be highly efficient, with above-average levels of insulation. All heating on the site will be electrically powered via heat pumps, with no gas or oil used on the site. Roof-mounted solar panels will generate enough electricity to meet all the building's needs over the course of a year, feeding power into the grid when excess energy is being generated. Ascona will back up this commitment using a nationally standardised SBEM calculation, which will demonstrate a zero-carbon emission rate.

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Plan of new Ascona Group Headquarters

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