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March 7, 2024
David Lamb

One year ago, Ascona Group made a £15,000 donation to SeeAbility, one of the oldest disability charities in the country that provides specialist support, accommodation, and eye care for people with learning disabilities, autism, and sight loss throughout the United Kingdom.

The donation has enabled SeeAbility to provide life-changing opportunities to nine people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss, by supporting them to secure paid employment.

Thanks to the donation, each person received one-on-one job coaching and bespoke training support from a dedicated Supported Employment Coach. This coaching ensured they could thrive at work and feel supported throughout their employment journey. Today, each person has the confidence to approach new places of work thanks to the support they received from SeeAbility.

“It feels really, really good. It’s nice to earn actual money. By having a proper job, I feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders.”

Beatrix, who was recently supported by SeeAbility thanks to Ascona’s donation.

Over the past year, the nine people who found work through SeeAbility have collectively contributed an impressive 3,838 hours of work, demonstrating the important contribution people with disabilities can offer their local communities when given the right support and opportunities.

Thanks to the donation, SeeAbility has also been able help employers make the necessary adjustments to their workplaces to ensure they can support the needs of their employees with disabilities. SeeAbility’s holistic approach ensures that both employees and employers are equipped to succeed.

Elsewhere, the donation has also facilitated a Lived Experience training session with, a global electronics manufacturer. The session is run by people with lived experience of disability, who provide invaluable insights into the employment experiences of people with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and understanding work environment.

For more information about SeeAbility and their work, please visit SeeAbility's website.

Darren Briggs, CEO and Founder of Ascona Group, commented:

“At Ascona, we are constantly filled with awe at the incredible work and achievements made by SeeAbility and the people it supports.  

“Since we started Ascona back in 2011, supporting communities across the areas where we operate has been central to our culture.

“We are proud to support SeeAbility in their vital work as they encourage people with learning disabilities and autism to overcome the barriers in their lives so they too can achieve exciting new things every day.”

David Lamb

35 years experience in retail management, marketing, I.T and design

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