Why are shoppers visiting forecourts?

November 17, 2021
David Lamb

Isn’t the answer obvious? Fuel. Fuel is indeed the most apparent mission for the forecourt visitor. But for the progressively managed forecourt operator, the development of retail, other forecourt services and multiple ancillary offerings are changing the shape of visitor motivation –

What is convenience? 

  • An accessible amenity
  • An easily available service
  • An advantageously located facility
  • So why is convenience essential?

In this ever-changing fast passed world SPEED is the key. For the forecourt sector our customers are not going shopping they are shopping on the go. It is clear to any business in the sector that there are a few key ingredients at play:

  • Hot food and drink to go
  • The Top-Up shopper
  • Being on the ‘route.’
  • Parking
  • Meeting needs and expectations

So what does the progressive forecourt operator do?

Recognise that forecourts are becoming destinations. Become more than a forecourt or a C-store, provide other services that align with the convenience motivators. Develop technologies and customer service that meets the needs of the ‘One touch/swipe/click’ generation.

Ascona is on the case, watch this space.

David Lamb

35 years experience in retail management, marketing, I.T and design

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